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Transportation in Role Playing?

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Transportation in Role Playing?

Post by Xusha on Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:24 am

Here is an explanation of some of the various means of transportation used in Lore, and Role Play as a whole.
Such small details can expand your RP if you run out of inspiration!

~Standard Means~

• Walking.

This is the least expensive method, the longest and most intense! You need the notions of struggle to defend yourself against wild animals that you come across if you always go through the mountains or forests! (And the village if you do not pay attention to your magic powers in public!)

• Horses.

To buy or rent, they are used to move from one city to another. Wild horses will not allow themselves to do this obviously, useless you pretend that you have rodeo. (Unless you have experience with this?) The horses do not work on solar energy will therefore let them rest and graze the grass on the way.

• Dragons.

Only for high-ranking individuals (Do not exaggerate and allow yourself to ride a dragon, unless you are trained for such.) They can go wherever they want, but only on the black mountains and dark kingdom (special permission for this world). I do not recommend landing in the public square of Battleon with a dragon, as it’s a little corny.

~Technological Means~

• Coaches.

These are widely used in big cities, mostly by wealthy people. Often these are coupled with horses, very rarely by unicorns in the world.

• Boats.

The ships sail on lakes or rivers through their veils, or through a steam engine, coal, oil, ect.
They are made of wood most often, very rarely, metal, but the wealthy can easily afford to travel by any means.

• Cars or Motorcycles.

Of all brands, you can roll around and you see fit. But I recommend you to keep it full! There is not one station for miles around! Note that the villages of Lore use more economical means to travel.

• Trains.

This means of transport was developed recently, and it will transport you from town to town, if you are important, only. This means of transportation is considered luxury and is very expensive.

• Portals.

These doors are fixed by their creators (often mages, so keep everything balanced). These provide instant transportation, and are unfortunately the most common usage of transportation. There is often no rush to get right into the middle of things, so using one of the other means of transportation is highly recommended to broaden your horizons a little.
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Re: Transportation in Role Playing?

Post by Arch Fiend on Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:27 am

i like walking C:
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Re: Transportation in Role Playing?

Post by Erik on Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:13 pm

Rainbow needs to be added for the leprechauns. Rainbow transportation is going to be the new thing, trust me.


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Re: Transportation in Role Playing?

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