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    Humor : Nope sorry, try over there.
    Usergroups: Artist, Debate Club, IRPer, Writer
    Rank: Platinum Vampire - Art Fanatic!
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    Humor : Why need humor when you can have.........BUNNEHS!!!!!!
    Usergroups: -, Art Village Mailings, Artist, Comics Council, IRPer, Writer
    Rank: Brother/Artist/Writer
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    Humor : Of course I'm humorous. Hence this humorous and original response.
    Usergroups: Art Village Mailings, Artist, Clan Leaders, Debate Club, IRPer, Writer
    Rank: Charbear!
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    Humor : be prepared for chuck norris have been warned
    Usergroups: Artist, Writer
    Rank: Member
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    Humor : Playing Ps3 and Mw2!!!
    Rank: New Member
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    Humor : Anything that is fun!!!!!!
    Rank: New Member
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    Humor : Ta. Come again! Or I'll pluck out your eyes!
    Usergroups: Writer
    Rank: Member
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    Humor : You want to see my humerous?
    Rank: New Member
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    Humor : Beards are my humor, but I can usually come up with more (XD>)
    Rank: New Member
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    Humor : Humor is for the weak minded, lazy, and the ones that deserve to die.
    Rank: New Member
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    Humor : NO DONT DO THAT!...oh wait..nevermind...
    Usergroups: -, Artist, Debate Club, Donators, IRPer, Writer
    Rank: Goggles
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    Humor : aww man i dont have one :(
    Rank: New Member
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    Humor : (stares deep into your eyes).....PUDDING!
    Usergroups: Artist, Debate Club, Writer
    Rank: SweetishFishHunter
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    Humor : "Would somebody please open the elevator door?"
    Usergroups: Art Village Mailings, Comics Council, Debate Club, IRPer, Staff, Writer
    Rank: Storyteller!
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    Humor : Humor...i rather have a cookie!
    Usergroups: Art Village Mailings, IRPer, Writer
    Rank: Member
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    Humor : anything that makes me lol :P
    Rank: New Member
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    Humor : "Huh? Radio? What's going on with that radio?"
    Usergroups: ARPer, IRPer, Writer
    Rank: Guardian of the Innocence
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    Humor : Something i REALLY wish i had cuz the ladies dig it ^^
    Usergroups: Artist
    Rank: Mug Master
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    Humor : I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me...
    Usergroups: Art Village Mailings, Artist, Comics Council, Debate Club, Writer
    Rank: Fabulous Joker!
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    Humor : Im good, and im a cat <.<
    Rank: New Member
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    Humor : ...........uhh...stuff.
    Usergroups: Art Village Mailings, Artist, Donators
    Rank: Bucket Queen
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