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Sun May 25, 2014 6:30 am by V

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Sun Apr 27, 2014 8:43 am by V

but I renewed it.

what have YOU done today, TR?

also I'm not sure if heartbleed effected us but you should probably not change your password, the jitterbug gang are working hard and they need …

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TR Generation V

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TR Generation V Empty TR Generation V

Post by Tom Gaskarth on Sun Mar 13, 2011 6:41 am

TR Generation V Ixgwh2
TR generation V is set 150 years after the end of the Mana War. During this war that struck all of Lore and all outer regions, magic has been wiped out. All magic. This rendered time travel impossible, spell books useless and mages out of a job. Out of the ashes, the well known company (TR) took power with it's Emperor and council. Peace and order was restored shortly afterwards. 5 generations of TR-lings later, those who share the blood of TR are in peril from an ancient foe. This could possibly mark the end of TR.

• No magic, mana, teleporting, timetravel, you should be able to tell.
• This "foe" is not magic ether, so don't bother stealing powers from them.
• Usual RP rules apply, no god modding or whatnot.
• Moderators have full power of what is posted, if your post contains breaching of these rules then it will be deleted. Tough. If you think someone is breaking these rules don't go and post, send a link to Flaw and he'll sort it out.
• All characters must be a direct descendant from your character or have some relation to them.
• Flaw will introduce the foe when and where he see's fit
• No reserving posts for over 5 hours.
• Not sure about Dragons yet will have to discuss with Flaw untill then keep mythical beasts out please

Setting: TR Fort and the surrounding area. The inside of the fort has been drastically updated with modern technology, the old stone fort was mostly destroyed in the war. After the war was finished the fort was rebuilt out of reinforced steel and titanium. The fort now supports larger rooms with televisions and inter-room comms. The outside of the fort is now one side mountain and the other side is still forest. After the war all weapons tech development was stopped. In the following 150 years no weapons were invented or updated.

Most people now have to work to stay in the fort. V's descendant is the new passionate leader of TR who has pledged to take take TR into a golden age. The story starts with V the 5th making his daily speech from the Fort Foyer. All members of TR listen to V whether in the foyer in person or via the Fort TV system. Today's speech is about it being 50 years to the day that the original Vamparagon passed away.
Tom Gaskarth
Tom Gaskarth

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TR Generation V Empty Re: TR Generation V

Post by Tom Gaskarth on Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:37 am

((Since no one else is posting I'll make the first post))

The members of The Regulars gathered around the staircase in the fort's foyer. Sunlight shone though the huge windows illuminating the stairs with a brilliant light. The large crowd was buzzing with anticipation of V the 5th speech the passionate leader of TR had immense vocal abilities and inspired trust and respect in all he met. His daily speeches were well known and always drew large audiences and today was no exception. People had gathered from all over the fort and those who could not make it would be watching it in their rooms. A hush fell over the crowd as V made his appearance on the top of the stairs. As he walked down the stairs it was obvious that he was held in high esteem as every head turned to see him. About halfway down the stairs he stopped and began his speech.

"Dear members of The Regulars, you may or may not know that today marks 50 years since the day that the original Vamparagon passed away. I ask you all to now join me in a moment of silence to remember all that he did and all that he was."

Everyone followed his wish. After about a minute he went on to continue his speech.

"As the Great Great Great Grandson of this great individual it gives me great pride to announce that today is now Vamparagon Day within these wa-"

V's speech was interrupted by a loud knock on the large oak doors of the fort.

"Come in" V's voice boomed through out the foyer. The door opened to reveal an individual wearing a white shirt with a black tie, coupled with a black Trilby hat and black jeans. The individual was carrying a large suit case and had a large back pack on their back.

"Who are you?" V asked the figure.

The figure put down it's suitcase and took off it's backpack before slowly removing it's hat and shaking down thick purple hair which reached down to the figure's waist. The figure looked up to V and said with a light Irish accent

"My name is Alexandra Gaskarth and I would like to join your clan."
Tom Gaskarth
Tom Gaskarth

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TR Generation V Empty Re: TR Generation V

Post by Altera on Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:21 am

((I think I shall join in on this one :3 ))

Gaheris Nightside leaned on his twin sister's shoulder as V enquired as to the newcomer's identity, "Is he done yet Val? I wanna go to sleep."

Valera sighed, "Shush Gar. He'll be done once he's done." She whispered back. "Now stop leaning on me and pay attention."

The purple haired stranger introduced themself, "My name is Alexandra Gaskarth and I would like to join your clan."

A murmur resounded through the crowd. "Gaskarth? That sounds familiar." Gaheris whispered to his twin.

"So it should be," Valera replied, "The original Regulars had a Tom Gaskarth among their number. This person could be a descendant of his."

"How do you know that?"

"Our ancestress, Altera's journals. She mentioned him briefly in her notes about Mythsong herbs. I would have consult the journals to make sure. Maybe later once we've tested the latest batch of zard fever medicine."

V dismissed the crowd to talk to the newcomer privately and the twins walked back to their shared workspace, the greenhouse and herbarium facility near the top of the TR Fort.

"Oi! Valera!" Someone yelled out from behind the pair.

Valera sighed once more, "Think you can manage to the tests by yourself, Gar? I have a feeling I'll be a while."

"You can count on me, sis. Catch ya later."
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TR Generation V Empty Re: TR Generation V

Post by Flaw of Insanity on Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:55 pm

"Boy oh boy," Alexandra Gaskarth murmured excitedly, she was in, "I can't wait to get a good rep-" "HEY! Newbie! Hold on a second."

A man in a black and blue outfitted security outfit, with 'TR' printed proudly alongside a captain insignia across a arm band, rushed up to the purple haired recruit. He handed Alexandra a heavy file, nearly overflowing with paper work.

"I'll need you to fill out this before you can do anything, and so we can sort out your living quarters." It was at least 4 inches thick.

"Oooh..." Alexandra cooed sarcastically. "What happens if I need help?"

"Just talk to the clerk in the security ward and ask for 'Cpt. Edvardz Killmaster'." The security guard said taking several steps away, putting on his dark red shades.

"Wait!" Alexandra called, fumbling the file with confusion. "If this is sorting out my living quarters, then where am I staying?"

Edvardz grinned.

- One hour later

"Oh you've got to be kidding me."

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TR Generation V Nz1smd
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Flaw of Insanity
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TR Generation V Empty Re: TR Generation V

Post by Katherine on Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:55 pm

"Late, I'm sooo late... Didn't mom told me to leave earlier? Should have listened to her. And stupid speech, those are a total bore... Why did I even bother?" Eleria von Zetsumei/Shadow ran towards the direction of the TR Fort. She was, as usual, late for everything and that lead her to having to rush every single time there was anything happening as her parent left the Fort so many years ago on their eternal honeymoon.

She blazed through the forest surrounding the fort, avoiding the trees in her path till she had finally come to the grand gates of the fort. "Oh wow... It seems they had updated it in the years... It looks so different from the stories mom had always told me about it..." She stared at the gates for awhile till the guard came to her.

"Identity pass?" He asked.


"I said, Identity pass, please."

"Umm, what do you mean by that?" I questioned. Mom never told me anything about this. I looked at him, puzzled. "I don't have one, but I can be sure that I'm allowed in?"

"No pass, no entry."

"WHAT? You cannot be kidding me! I took my time off to come here, and you tell me I cannot enter because I lack a stupid pass? Call any of the members here! They should know who my moms are! By the Goddess, one of them has a position way higher than you so many years ago!"

The guard took out his com and spoke into it, something about calling his captain here. I looked at him impatiently, knowing I was already late.
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TR Generation V Empty Re: TR Generation V

Post by Gurpus on Sat Mar 26, 2011 8:32 am

“Trust no one”
These were the last words my father told me before he died. For the past five years I have been living inside TR Fort. It is a place of salvation, a new beginning for some. For others it’s where their family has been for the past 150 years.

“Dear members of The Regulars, you may or may not know that today marks 50 years since the day that the original Vamparagon passed away…”

“Oh be quiet!”

Jet flicked off his TV sitting across from his bed. He poured himself some cereal and began to read the daily newspaper. Even though Jet had turned off his TV, V’s booming voice could still be heard from outside.

Grabbing his coat, he headed outside for some fresh air before heading underground for his daily work of fixing and managing the generators.

“Oi, Gurpus!”

“I told you Val, don’t call me Gurpus.”

“Aw, why not? I thought you loved being called by your middle name?” Valgon chuckled, pushing his long black hair out of his face.

“I use to, before I found out our Great Great Great Grandfather was a mass murderer.”

“Oh come on! That was years ago! People have probably forgotten about Gurpus O’Donnell, the necromancer. Just lighten up a bit Gurp”

“Don’t call me Gurp either. Now aren’t you heading north today to study polar bears or something?”

“Yes I am, little brother. Be good now, I don’t want to return to find you in prison again.”

“That was one time! And it wasn’t my fault!”

The brothers stood there laughing for a while, before Valgon headed towards the fort entrance and Jet towards the underground generator room.

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TR Generation V Empty Re: TR Generation V

Post by Felix on Wed Mar 30, 2011 5:20 pm

Omgeebus I'm not dead, but my old RP's are gone! I guess I'll join this one then.

Dusk walked through the old badgers agency facilities, lost in his thoughts, the headquarters, and amazing mini metropolis in it's hay day, was no longer powered and being devoured by rust. The buildings were vacant and always we're so, it has been almost a hundred percent abandoned. It was only used for dusk to have some nostalgic moments through the old dusty streets, or the centre building, which was used as the HQ for the remaining agents. Once the mana left, badgers could no longer be recruited, and they must have a family line with a previous badgers agent to speak. The team is composed of twenty badgers, and quite a few droids, but they just weren't made like they were used to.

When the mana left, the foundations of Dusk's family left with it, mana being the main power source for practically everything.  Dusk wanted to bring it back in everyway possible, and used technology to simulate a few of Felix's powers. For instance, he could use nanobots armed with electromagnets to make water move around anyway he wanted to with the motion of his hands. Some things he couldn't simulate. Teleporting for instance was impossible.

"I've got to go back." Dusk thought. "Its been far too long," he reminded himself, beginning to run. "I have to return to TR.."

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TR Generation V Empty Re: TR Generation V

Post by Cial on Thu Mar 31, 2011 5:57 am

"&^%#! I broke another speaker!"

Music blared inside a soundproof living quarters in the dormitory building. Maxwell Thesexy sat on his bed, turning off his massive sound system, just after "Hate Everyone" by Say Anything had stopped playing.

"It was VINTAGE too! It'll cost me a fortune to fix that!"

He stepped out of his room, angrilly, and slammed the door, locked shut behind him, then patted his pockets.

"Forgot my keys again."

Reluctantly, he dragged himself down the hallway toward Captain Killmaster's office, stopping at a portrait of Cial Thesexy, his great great grandfather. He stared deep into the eyes of his ancestor, seeing the same carefree, forever young gleam he's seen in his own.

"I guess dad was right." He said to himself "I do look like him."
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TR Generation V Empty Re: TR Generation V

Post by Altera on Thu Mar 31, 2011 9:31 am

Valera walked over to where another TR employee, a woman she didn't recognise, was standing.

“Can I help you with something?” She enquired.

"I know I'm supposed to book an appointment but I figured that I might save some time by calling you over now.”

Valera sighed pushing her silvery hair away from her face, “What's wrong?”

“I was checking my temperature and it went from 37 up to 99. I checked again and it was down at 37 but
then double checked and it went up to 99.”

The doctor raised an eyebrow, “May I see your thermometer?”

“Of course. If you don't mind waiting, I'll go fetch it from my quarters.” The woman ran off, leaving the doctor patiently admiring the wallpaper. Minutes later, the woman reappeared and handed the device to her. Valera looked at it briefly before returning it to the woman.

“You're perfectly healthy.” Valera told the woman, “However, you should stop pressing the Celsius/Farenheit button every time you take a new measurement.”

The woman became embarassed, “I... I apologise for wasting your time Doctor.”

“No problem. Now if you'll excuse me, I'd better get back up to the clinic.” She turned on her heel and walked away.

“Panic over bloody nothing.” Valera grumbled under her breath as she trooped back towards the greenhouse.

She walked through the greenhouse and entered the office/clinic area, grabbing a bottle of iced tea from the kitchenette. Gaheris was already at work in the adjoining labs. She sat at her computer, wrote a reminder to herself to send a memo out later and proceeded to work through her emails.

“Spam... spam... rejection of paper... spam... appointment cancellation... something from Security...” She opened up the message and read through it,

“Health checks for incoming folks. Great.” She sent a quick reply.

How soon do you want them processed? I have a full schedule, unless someone cancels today. I do have a slot from 8-9am tomorrow if there is no rush.
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TR Generation V Empty Re: TR Generation V

Post by Felix on Fri Apr 01, 2011 2:31 am

Dusk was riding via horse back to TR. With the quick tap of a saddle the water pumps activated and the horse began to drink some water as a quick energy boost, yet another simulation from one of the many tricks from his grandfathers books. This was quite necessary, as underneath his light leather tunic, was heavy electronic pieces of equipment, and he couldn't keep on stopping on the trip to TR, a mere 15 minute canter, but he was galloping at a quick pace and we be ther soon.

After aproximetly 10 minutes of galloping Dusk was glad to see TR once more, as he tied up his horse, he noticed a lady, a fine lady, up the front bickering with one of the guards. "Well this can't be good..." dusk spoke to himself, so he went up to see whatever the problem was.
"She's got no ID, what about you, huh? Got an identification card?" the guard barked.
"What are you doing here, I've never seen you around here before, but then again I'm not around here much either!" dusk chuckled to himself
"My mother told me to come here today! She said it has history important to me here, my family has been in TR for 150 years! And I'm not here tow wait fo-" Dusk cut her off by flashing his identity card "She's with me."
"Dusk?" the guard queried. "you haven't been around for a week, we're clean out of ammo, and killmaster is barely handling the burdens you left for h-" Now the guard was cut of by Dusk walking through the gates of TR.

"Direct descendant?" dusk queried to the unnamed woman.
"uhh, my grandma I think.. Katherine.. YES There she is! In that photo!" shwe pointed out, and indeed Katherine was there, Felix further down next to bram and weena, doing there best not to pull ridiculous faces.
"I see, my grandfather, Felix is here, next to bram and weena." Dusk said, pointing out some other members. "Your mother was right, history breathes through these walls, Uhhh.." Dusk finished, trying to recall his acquaintances name.
"Eleria" she told him, as she ran through the halls, moments before V began his speech.

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TR Generation V Empty Re: TR Generation V

Post by Hunter Reckoning on Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:34 pm

Thought I might try to revive this.

"Dangit!" shouted a girl's voice. The voice didn't get far, due to the fact she was in a windowless 6/4 janitor's closet. In the room there was a bunk bed with a trunk at the foot of it. There was also a desk to the right of the bed, with a monitor and some papers and pens scattering it. She awoke the other person in the room, who had been fast asleep.

The girl who had just shouted was wearing goggles and a green hood with some smooth, long black hair going in front of her tan face. The other person in the room, a man, was wearing similar attire, but he had yellow-green hair, and very white skin, with slight wrinkles under his goggles. "Olivia, what's wrong?" the man said.
"I just checked my emails, and it turns out we have a meeting today." she said with a huff.
The man got out of the bottom bunk, and walked over to the screen to take a look at the email. "Don't worry about that meeting. I'll go. You can stay here if you want."

Olivia turned her chair to the man as he left the room slowly. "Dad, you should stay and rest. The meeting shouldn't take too long, but I'd rather have you stay here." The man turned to face his daughter, displaying a soft smile. "Thank you Olivia. You need to take my ID card if you're going down there. Don't forget your's either!" He handed her two plastic cards, displaying the names "Olivia Reckoning" and "Hunter Reckoning".
Hunter Reckoning
Hunter Reckoning

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TR Generation V Empty Re: TR Generation V

Post by Alderos on Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:45 pm

Alrighty, I'll throw in my try.

"Dang plane..."
A young man said as he pulled himself out of a wreckage of recently crashed plane. He was 17, had blond hair, fair skin, and green eyes that were filled with anger. His clothes, a pair of boots, dark wash jeans, a white button down shirt, and twill jacket, were covered in splotches of thick oil and dust sludge, all from the wreckage.
"Sure got yourself into a mess this time, haven't you Avis?" He said to himself. The wreckage had been a plane on its maiden voyage, and it was thought to be perfect, until the rotor came off mid flight.

"I was absolutely sure that i had tightened that bolt, and now the whole thing is a flaming heap!" He yelled to the sky as he began to search the wreckage. The wooden frame was all splintered and the fabric covering it torn and covered in dust. The storage area was split open, but the contents were safe.
"At least these made it through," he said as he pulled out a pack. It was leather, visibly aged, and filled with several items. These were a battered tool box, a revolver with all 6 chambers filled, and a dagger that's blade gleamed like water on a moonlit night. He inspected each of these, made sure of no serious damage, and put them back into the pack. He noticed that a key item was missing, the map.

"It'll be hell to find my way back, and i think the map flew out over the mountains, so I do believe i am lost." He rambled almost incoherently while he was closing the pack. He had noticed what appeared to be a fortress nearby while he was flying, and a road that lead to it. Hopefully he could go seek some assistance there.

A slight stinging had started to bother him once he had started to put his pack on. Sliding his hand down his shirt he noticed a wet spot, and torn fabric. Avis pulled back his hand only to find it covered in a dark red liquid.

"Oh bother." Avis whispered. The pain grew and the realization of its severity sunk in. "I'll have to make it to that fortress, night is coming and I feel weak."

sorry if its jumbled, i haven't written creatively in awhile.
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TR Generation V Empty Re: TR Generation V

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